Church Planters

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Richard & Mandy Alonzo

Bridgetown Church

Bridgetown Church in Little Rock, Arkansas

Richard Alonzo is the lead pastor of Bridgetown Church in Little Rock, Arkansas. Bridgetown started in June 2018 and has since had a great traction in the Little Rock Metro. Bridgetown Church’s desire to help people discover security, stability and significance by building a family that finds joy and purpose in everyday things through the Good News of Jesus. They hold Sunday gatherings as well as launching missional communities all around the Little Rock Metro. We believe that in order for more people to experience the true joy, that comes from life on mission and life in the family, Missional Communities are key. Richard and Mandy covet your prayers as they venture to impact the Little Rock Metro for the sake of the Gospel.



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Marshall & Wesley Gallagher

Hope community church

Hope Community Church in Nashville, Tennessee

Marshall Gallagher is the lead pastor of Hope Community Church. He is a native Nashvillian, born and raised not far from Hope Community Church. He studied finance at Auburn University (War Eagle!) and received his Master of Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary just north of Boston, MA. He has been a part of many different ministry settings. In his free time (which is rare), he enjoys fantasy football, climbing and eating hot chicken. He and his wife Wesley have two children, Shook and Mable.

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Josh & Shelli Robertson

City Church Salt County



Josh Robertson, his wife Shelli and their four kids, are planting City Church Salt County in Benton, Arkansas.  Beginning in June of 2018, Josh describes how they have been seeking to build a family of believers that are increasingly being transformed by Jesus, worshiping Jesus, obeying Jesus and helping others do the same.  In the Salt County family, this discipleship journey hinges on three areas of ministry; life on life, life in community and life on mission.  Josh and Shelli are already seeing evidence that when people are involved in these three, spiritual growth is almost inevitable.  Thank you for your prayers and support as we enter this new season, having our first physical location, and our ministry is becoming more public for this community.  


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