Parker Settecase

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Chicago AIA Ministries

Parker is our local missionary working with Chicago AIA (Athletes-in-Action) Ministries. AIA started in 2014 when a couple of football players began a bible study. In the past four years they've grown and really began to take shape as a ministry. AIA is now spread across 8 different campuses throughout the city of Chicago and the northern/western suburbs. Parker is a member of the AIA leadership team comprised of 3 football players, 2 WOMEN'S volleyball players, and a softball player. Parker is currently convinced that Elmhurst college is his place of calling to reach athletes for Christ and is living there with his wife, Julie. Julie works as an athletic trainer at trinity international university in Deerfield, IL. Parker and Julie's current goal is to raise enough money to move to Columbus, oh, so that they can work with the AIA ministry at Ohio state university. Parker has voiced that god has been so faithful to him over the past couple years of his ministry, and is regularly seeing athletes come to Christ through his team's diligent work.