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River Valley Community Church “exists to glorify God and transform people through the work of the Holy Spirit into fully developing followers of Christ.”

Connecting to God, connecting to one another.

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Preparing for the season

Week 1: Isaiah 1:1-4:1

Week 2: Isaiah 4:2-6:13

Week 3: Isaiah 7:1-9:7

Week 4: Isaiah 9:8-12:6

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One to One

One to One is a gathering where 2-3 people meet to read the Bible and pray together. The goal is to help one another grow in Christian maturity by connecting with God and with one another around God’s Word. While we ask that each group meets weekly, we want each group to structure their time as is best for them! We just ask that you incorporate these essentials:

Meet together. Read the Bible. Talk about the passage. Pray.